January 16, 2018

#Starstruck by Sariah Wilson + Giveaway

“You’ve done better.” With one uncharacteristically sassy tweet to her longtime celebrity crush, Zoe Miller’s life turns upside down. Ultrahot A-lister Chase Covington doesn’t just respond to Zoe’s tweet, he does the unthinkable: he messages Zoe directly. Now she must decide between walking away or meeting her crush in person. Chase knows better than to trust anyone from the Internet, but Zoe’s saucy challenge has totally caught his interest—and her girl-next-door personality is keeping it. He’s been burned enough to know he needs to keep his heart close. But his feelings for Zoe might be a lot more than just an online flirtation. He just has to convince her… When the press gets wind of Zoe and Chase’s secret relationship, their romance turns into tabloid headlines. Will they be able to hold on to their Hollywood love story?  

Excerpt “You must be Zoe Miller. I’m Chase. Covington.” He added on his last name like I wouldn’t know who he was. It was kind of endearing. I stared at his hand until the girl on my right nudged me and I gave him mine. A zap of raw electricity sparked at his touch, his hand warm and strong and big. It shot up my arm and spread all throughout my body making every part of me tingle. “Hi Chase Covington.” I don’t know how I was able to form words. Or how I hadn’t dissolved into an incoherent, blubbering pile of Zoe goo. “Hi Zoe Miller.” We were still shaking hands, which was basically holding hands at this point as it had gone on for so long. He was just grinning at me, like I was some long-lost friend he was excited to catch up with. I didn’t want to imagine what my slack-jawed, overwhelmed face looked like. He would probably think I was an idiot. A guy with dark brown hair and wearing a Bluetooth device in one ear came over. “Chase, Marty wants a word.” Chase finally let go of my hand. “Thanks, One-F. Stick around Zoe Miller. There’s more to say.” He walked backwards a few steps, like he didn’t want to stop looking at me. With a wink he finally turned and headed over to the director.

Author Sariah Wilson Bestselling author Sariah Wilson has never jumped out of an airplane or climbed Mount Everest, and she is not a former CIA operative. She has, however, been madly, passionately in love with her soul mate and is a fervent believer in happily ever afters—which is why she writes romances like The Royals of Monterra series. After growing up in Southern California as the oldest of nine (yes, nine) children, she graduated from Brigham Young University with a semiuseless degree in history. She currently lives with the aforementioned soul mate and their four children in Utah, along with three tiger barb fish, a cat named Tiger, and a recently departed hamster who is buried in the backyard (and has nothing at all to do with tigers).


  $50 Amazon Gift Card or Paypal Cash Giveaway Ends 2/5/18 Open only to those who can legally enter, receive and use an Amazon.com Gift Code or Paypal Cash. Winning Entry will be verified prior to prize being awarded. No purchase necessary. You must be 18 or older to enter or have your parent enter for you. The winner will be chosen by rafflecopter and announced here as well as emailed and will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. This giveaway is in no way associated with Facebook, Twitter, Rafflecopter or any other entity unless otherwise specified. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Giveaway was organized by Kathy from I Am A Reader and sponsored by the author. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW. a Rafflecopter giveaway

January 13, 2018

Cuddle Clone Giveaway

As you know, we're big fans of pets. 
Check out this fun product to keep your special someone near your heart!

Cuddle Clones are the perfect gift for any pet lover. Do you, or someone you know, love their pet so deeply that they cannot image life without them? With Cuddle Clones, you can have a stuffed animal clone of your pet created. Using their amazing technology, time and love Cuddle Clones can use images which will provide and create for you a stuffed clone of your pet.


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January 9, 2018

Qualities of a Good Face Moisturizer

As you probably saw, one of my yearly goals is to spend time better taking care of myself. One of those things that I want to do better for myself is get rid of my dry, itchy skin. Things aren't generally too bad during the summer but during the winter, with the heat on my skin is awful! So, I've been reading up on tips for finding a good moisturizer and thought I'd share a bit of what I found.

For me one of the most important things is having a product that is natural. I prefer locally made from ingredients that I know what they are. This may not be important to all of you but for me, it's part of caring for myself.

Another important ingredient is sun protection. It's a simple thing but something that we'll all appreciate having done in the long run.

Oil and fragrance free is a must that comes with the first two items. Because I have sensitive skin, avoiding these items truly helps increase my chances of a moisturizer (or most anything) working well. And there is little I enjoy more then a fresh, clean scent.

What other tips do you have for picking a good moisturizer? I'd love to hear about them. Tell me much because I (obviously) know little.

The Nobleman’s Daughter (A Regency Romance) by Jen Geigle Johnson

I recently had a chance to read this book as part of the IFPL Extreme Book Nerd 2018 Challenge 
(a book with a lawyer in it) and thoroughly enjoyed it.

England, 1819

While British high society primps and plays, the impoverished citizens of London languish. But there are those fighting for the freedom of common citizens—including two members of the aristocracy who secretly champion revolution. In the drawing rooms of the upper class, Lady Amanda and Lord Nathaniel flirt and tease with the best of them as she pretends to win every heart in London for sport, and he, to conquer them. But in truth, their flirtation is merely a façade designed to keep their clandestine actions hidden from the ton— and from each other. When Nathaniel presents himself as a potential suitor, the attraction between the two is undeniable—but the faces they portray to the world are not enough to win each other’s hearts.
While their crusade for London’s poor unites them more deeply than they could imagine, Amanda and Nathaniel struggle to trust one another with their true ideals and identities. But when the call to action leads Amanda into the path of danger, she can only hope that Nathaniel will see through her frivolous pretense. Because now, only the aid of the suitor she loves most—but trusts least—can save her.
Can I just say that I loved this! A great read. I loved that I could easily hand this to younger readers (teen) and not worry about the content. Wonderful story with great characters and a fun story line. I will be looking for more!

New Year, New Me: Goals

I can't believe that new years has come and gone. It's absolutely so crazy and I'm not sure where 2017 has gone. Now that my kids are finally starting to feel better from their holiday break illnesses (more on that later) it's time for me to get back to my life and actually write down my goals for the following years. So here it goes!

1. Become a Book Nerd (again): I did this challenge a few years ago through our local library and I really want to do it again. You can help track my progress with the list on the right sidebar here at the blog. I will also be posting reviews of the books I read so you can find some things that fit your taste.

2. Pull out the bike: my lovely hubby got me a new bike for my birthday a couple years ago and I haven't been very good at using it. This year, I want to get our kid trailer hooked up and head out to enjoy the neighborhood, the sun, and exercise. Watch Instagram to see our adventures.

3. Blog More: believe it or not, I miss blogging. This year, I want to post at least once a week. Hopefully you'll see more than that but with my first two goals in mind, once a week is my minimum goal.

4. Take Care of Myself: this is something that I always struggle with as a mom. This year my promise to myself is to do the little things to be me. Moisturizing cream, hair brushing, and occasionally putting my feet up will be happening for me this year.

5. Enjoy My Family: this is an every day goal at my house. As most moms will admit, some days are harder than others but as I every day I will continue to see the best in each member of my family and love them wholeheartedly.

What do you think? Will it be achievable? I certainly hope so! 

January 3, 2018

Jeepers! It's January Giveaway - A Love Relentless by Ju Ephraime + Amazon Gift Card

Can you believe it's January? Me either! Thank heavens we have this awesome giveaway hop put together by The Kids Did It and Mommy Island to help us start off the new year right!

Today our giveaway is sponsored by Ju Ephraime, author of A Love Relentless. I recently had a chance to read this book as part of the IFPL Extreme Book Nerd 2018 Challenge (a book with an alternative lifestyle in it category) and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Elizabeth Johansen lives her life by a specific code of values. She has worked hard to obtain everything she owns, and she wants nothing from anyone. But now, she faces a dilemma when an unexpected inheritance from her Great-aunt Edna forces her to reexamine her values and embrace the culture she has long since forsaken.

Rohan is the son of an Athabaskan chief. At twenty-six, he is more focused on amassing his fortune and preserving the land of his ancestors. So, when he learns the large parcel of acreage adjourning his property has been left to a woman who has no interest in preserving their customs, he sets out to convince her to sell.

 But Rohan finds the independent beauty irresistible and sets out to win her. Elizabeth, proud and self-sufficient, soon discovers that the man of her dreams is part of the culture she abandoned. Can they each find a way to meet the other halfway between his life and hers?

As I said earlier, I thoroughly enjoyed this read. It is a PG-13 read but it was very interesting to learn about a culture that I had not previously known about and the story woven in was intriguing and wonderful. If you like a good historical romance then chances are you will enjoy this book as much as I did.

Ju Ephraime has generously offered an Amazon gift card for the winner of this giveaway. 
To enter, simply use the form below. Good luck!

Now that you're done entering here, make sure you hop along to all the other participating blogs and see what they have to give away!

January 2, 2018


Did you miss Book One, STONE SILENCE?
No worries. It's FREE for five days, Jan. 1-5!!!
Grab it on AMAZON

Hothouse Flower by Taylor Dean
I loved Jace Faraday with all my heart. I loved everything about him, from his huge smile to his fabulous laugh. Another man never caught my eye. It was always Jace and Shay, together forever. Until it wasn’t. He devastated me, he ruined me. I’ve never gotten over it. But, I’m a survivor. I’m not a precious flower that can only thrive if kept safe from the perils of the outside world. Except now Jace has returned home. He’s just across the street from me, so close I swear I can actually feel his presence. I can’t avoid him forever. At some point I have to face him. And when I do, I know sparks will fly. To redeem himself for his past actions, I need major remorse. I need a profuse apology and maybe even a little begging for forgiveness. I won’t settle for anything less. However, when the truth behind our break-up is revealed, I’m stunned. It leaves me reeling—and yearning for the six years that have been lost to us. The thing is, once the truth is known, there’s nothing to keep us apart. Absolutely nothing. Dear Reader: This book deals with a sensitive issue.  
The Sound of Silence Series is a three book series.
Book One: Stone Silence, Spencer’s Story 
Book Two: Jailbird, Mia’s Story 
Book Three: Hothouse Flower, Shay’s Story
Each book has a happy ending and there are no cliffhangers. They are not standalones and should be read in order.
Read an excerpt from HOTHOUSE FLOWER:  “I apologize if that embarrassed you. That’s what creepy ex-boyfriends are for though. If you look it up in the dictionary, you’ll find that I’m right.” “That’s the exact definition?” I ask. “In a nutshell. I believe it reads: A hideous creature made to embarrass and humiliate his former girlfriend during every single moment of her life. Warning: They should all be hunted down and killed.” A half smile escapes. “That’s a bit harsh, don’t you think?” “Maybe. I promise to try my best to not stand outside of your window in the middle of the night with a boom box over my head.” This time he makes me laugh aloud. “Just out of curiosity, what would the song be?” “Oh, you know, a rousing rendition of George Michael belting out Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go. After all, I’d have to wake you up before getting all romantic with my song choice.” “So . . . what would the romantic song be?” I have to know. “Don’t make me say it.” “You brought it up. Don’t leave me hanging.” “It would have to be . . . I Think I Love You by The Partridge Family. It’s an oldie, but a goodie. Not many know it, but it’s a gem of a song. It says everything that’s in my heart.” It’s his ability to say silly things with a deadpan voice that makes him so funny. To me, at least. No one else ever laughs at his jokes quite like I do. I slap his arm playfully and Brit burrows deeper into his shoulder. “I’d go back to bed.” “I’d resort to drastic measures then.” “What drastic measures?” “I’d have to pull out the Barry Manilow. He’s only to be used in rare moments and with extreme caution.”
    Stone Silence by Taylor Dean Great big beautiful love. Does it really exist? Everyone tells me it does. They say, “Spencer Elliott, don’t worry, you’ll find it one day. You just have to find the right man and when you do, it will surprise the heck out of you.” I’m still waiting for that heck of a surprise to hit. It has proven to be elusive thus far. I’m pretty sure the entire world is lying about love and the joke is on me. I know I want a man in my heart and in my life. Unfortunately, most men immediately push my OFF button and I lose interest quickly. Feeling pressure to prove I’m trying to find my soulmate, I finally give in and agree to a date. Huge mistake. Afterward I find myself abandoned in the middle of nowhere, in desperate need of help. That’s when I meet Stony by chance. He’s a silent and unsmiling man who intrigues me with his ability to keep going after life has knocked him down. Suddenly the abstract notion of love becomes tangible and within my reach. Once I experience it, I wonder how I ever lived without it. That’s when I stay with Stony by choice. But when Stony’s hidden past and present-day reality collide, his silence is broken. And the truth about his life nearly brings me to my knees. I can’t compete with ghosts from the past. I refuse to fight for a man’s love. He either loves me or he doesn’t. It’s as simple and as complicated as that. My only hope is . . . he does.

Catch Book Two, JAILBIRD.

  Jailbird by Taylor Dean My hometown decided to rename me Jailbird. Every day I silently scream out, “My name is Mia Faraday!” My time in jail does not define me. I am so much more than one heated mistake. And yet, my slip-up weighs on me. There’s so much more to the story than anyone realizes. I must face Stony, my ex, and confess everything. I don’t want to. I’d rather have five teeth pulled. While I’m awake. Without anesthesia. But this is something I have to do, something I need to do. Not just for Stony. I need to do it for me. Especially for me. I can’t move forward with my life until I gain closure from the past. When I meet Grayson Elliott, I am easily pulled into his orbit and it’s exactly where I’d love to stay. He makes me laugh and not take life so seriously. He makes me want to live again. But I don’t love me right now, and that healing needs to come first. I’m not relationship-ready or marriage material. My mind is focused on redemption. I want it. I need it. Besides, when Grayson hears about my colorful past, I’m sure he’ll be gone before I have time to utter the word goodbye. After all, who could ever love a jailbird?   Praise for JAILBIRD: Mia's story about forgiveness and redemption is packed with emotion and will leave you wanting more! -Jana, Amazon Review An adventure from start to finish, a wonderful sequel to Stone Silence. -atvtnv, Amazon Review Once I started reading, I just couldn't stop! It has been a LONG time since a book has kept me up WAY past my bedtime! -KJ's Book Nook
Author Taylor Dean Taylor Dean lives in Texas and is the mother of four grown children. Upon finding herself with an empty nest, she began to write the stories that were always wandering around in her head, quickly finding she had a passion for writing, specifically romance. Whether it’s paranormal, contemporary, or suspense—you’ll find all sub-genres of clean romance in her line-up.
  Blast Giveaway Details $50 Amazon Gift Card or Paypal Cash Ends 1/21/18 Open only to those who can legally enter, receive and use an Amazon.com Gift Code or Paypal Cash. Winning Entry will be verified prior to prize being awarded. No purchase necessary. You must be 18 or older to enter or have your parent enter for you. The winner will be chosen by rafflecopter and announced here as well as emailed and will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. This giveaway is in no way associated with Facebook, Twitter, Rafflecopter or any other entity unless otherwise specified. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Giveaway was organized by Kathy from I Am A Reader and sponsored by the author. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW.   a Rafflecopter giveaway

December 16, 2017


It's almost Christmas! Can you believe it? I know I'm having a hard time believing it! Thankfully we have time for a couple more great giveaways here at Kerrific before the big day hits. I'm sure glad that Mama The Fox put this group together so we can do this for all of you!

Here at Kerrific we have a great prize package put together by best-selling author Angela Correll to celebrate her new book Granted

About The Book:

Former international flight attendant Annie Taylor is embracing her country roots and racing toward a future with her sustainable farmer fiancé, but her new job, a mysterious ex-boyfriend, and a narcissistic father complicate wedding plans.

Meanwhile, Annie’s old-fashioned grandma, Beulah, is facing a shakeup in the last place she ever thought she would – home. A crisis on May Hollow Road follows a friend’s betrayal, challenging Beulah’s forgiving nature. An unwelcome diet, a new houseguest, and a possible overseas trip will all stretch her spirit – if she lets it.

Granted takes readers from the comforts of the Kentucky countryside to old-world Tuscany with a cast of memorable characters. Granted follows Groundedand Guarded in the May Hollow Trilogy.

About the Author: 
Angela Correll lives on a farm in Central Kentucky with her husband, Jess. Her novels are Amazon bestsellers and have been adapted to the stage for sold-out audiences at the Pioneer Playhouse, Kentucky’s oldest outdoor theater. She loves canning vegetables from her garden, exploring the Tuscan countryside, and spending time with her family.

Now that you've entered here make sure you hop along to all the other participating blogs to see what you can win to might your holiday a little brighter!

MamatheFox and all participating blogs are not held responsible 
for sponsors who fail to fulfill their prize obligations.

December 12, 2017

Budget Gift Ideas for the Hard To Shop For

Those of you who know me know that I'm always on a very strict budget. This goes for everything from groceries to holiday gifting. Sometimes the hardest people for me to gift for are those that I don't know very well because I can't shop for them all year long like I do my children and husband. Today I want to share some ideas for the hard to shop for on your list.

* Portable Cooling Stand - this is a great gift for most anyone. All of us have tech devices and need easy to use, transportable stands for them. This is a simple gift that is easy to ship and fits all devices so you don't need to know specifics. A great gift that they will actually use.

* Cake in a Mug - I like this one because you can make it at home. I love getting these simple cakes in a mug and they make great neighbor gifts that people can continue using long after the yummy cake is gone.

* Flowers - another easy to give gift. This is unique at the holidays but beautiful flowers to brighten those dark holiday days are welcome in any home. Both traditional holiday flowers, like poinsettias, and more unique flowers, like roses or daises, are great for holiday gifting!

* Fresh Fruit - again something that helps brighten those dark winter days. Fresh fruit is so healthy and good for you and is bound to be appreciated by any recipient.

These are some of my favorite ideas for holiday gifting. What are some of your best ideas for those you don't know so well? Tell us about it!